Immigration Visa

Canada Immigration Visa

There are many ways to apply for a Canada Immigration Visa. The first step for a prospective immigrant is establishing which category is most suitable for them, as each one has specific requirements.

The different categories are:

1. Federal Skilled Workers and Professionals:

Federal Skilled Workers and professionals are for those who want to settle and work in Canada. They are selected based on their ability to be economically stable and assessed through several factors.

2. Provincial Nomination Program (PNP):

An applicant can be nominated by a province or territory to make economic contributions. They are selected based on their skills, education and work experience.

3. Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers:

Different requirements apply to skilled workers wishing to settle in the province of Quebec. Applicants are selected based on the likelihood of adapting to living in this province.

4. Business Immigration Program:

Applicants under the business immigration program can apply for three sub-categories: Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed People.

5. Family Sponsorship:

If you are a Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen, you can sponsor a family member from abroad.

. Canadian Experience Class:

Have you graduated from a credited Canadian post-secondary institution or have worked in Canada for more than two years? If so, you may be eligible to apply under this category.

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